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Darryl Terrell

Get Home Safely

October 2018

In this project Terrell lifts three loving phrases from text conversations between friends and family and scatters them throughout the city. Borrowing guerrilla distribution tactics from graffiti artists, Terrell, his friends, and colleagues will continue disseminating these phrases on stickers throughout Chicago.

As a 6’6 gender nonconforming (GNC) person of color (POC), Terrell employs extra awareness when in public spaces because his body marks him as a target. The three phrases Terrell disributes throughout the city reflect the hyper-vigilance and interpersonal support the POC and GNC community enact while navigating public spaces. These heartwarming phrases embody the concerted care shared amongst Terrell’s community while simultaneously exposing the violence and ignorance they experience which has forged this language of protection and comfort.

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